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Dodge Charger Back to Life (Burnout)

Heres a video i made of the restoration and modification of a 1972 Dodge Charger. FAQ: 1: "That burnout sucked, why did you use oil?" 1: I apologize i know its kind of lame LOL but i had just bought the tires when i made the video and i need them to last as long as possible cuz they are not cheap. This car can burn in dry and stay there. I decided to use oil to make smoke out of the oil instead of the tires. 2: "Why Automatic Transmission?" 2: Because this is my everyday car and manual transmissions in classic cars are very unpractical in traffic, when i can have this car as my weekend car i will make it a manual. 3: "You Must Be a Rich Kid, This was made with your fathers money" 3: No, Hell No. I bought this car for 3000 bucks in very bad condition and worked very hard everyday after school with my own hands in it for about 2 years and put all my life savings into it. 4: "What Engine does it have?" 4: It has a slightly modified 360 engine with long headers, manifold, crankshaft, piston heads, an Edelbrock 4 throat carb, sparkplugs and cables. Thanks For Watching! Music by The Album Leaf, "Red Eye". All the Rights of the song owned by The Album Leaf.

Author: Zephyr Rod
Rating: 5
Views: 2,812,344
Uploaded: June 12th, 2007 @ 6:48 am
Duration: 04:16

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Latest Comments:

te odio
that's fantastic work... the car has totally changed than it was 
Where did you get that hood?
weak even with tranny fluid on the tires!!! thumbs down bro
Awesome love this car x)
i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it :DDDD
Also watchin this vid after some long years..hows the car?
watching this video after 3yrs ,found it in my favorite list..........
Unreal. Wish I was doing this when I was your age.
dude how old were you in this video? if under 20 you are a legend
nice bro respect i hope you made a trip now with your green babe :D
It's great when someone brings one of these old monsters back to life...
423 Peoples have a Fiat 500!!!!!!
nice vid, love how you revived that car
i smell bacon brb
I had a 70 cuda but i sold it, and i regret it ever since.

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