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Dodge Charger Back to Life (Burnout)

Heres a video i made of the restoration and modification of a 1972 Dodge Charger. FAQ: 1: "That burnout sucked, why did you use oil?" 1: I apologize i know its kind of lame LOL but i had just bought the tires when i made the video and i need them to last as long as possible cuz they are not cheap. This car can burn in dry and stay there. I decided to use oil to make smoke out of the oil instead of the tires. 2: "Why Automatic Transmission?" 2: Because this is my everyday car and manual transmissions in classic cars are very unpractical in traffic, when i can have this car as my weekend car i will make it a manual. 3: "You Must Be a Rich Kid, This was made with your fathers money" 3: No, Hell No. I bought this car for 3000 bucks in very bad condition and worked very hard everyday after school with my own hands in it for about 2 years and put all my life savings into it. 4: "What Engine does it have?" 4: It has a slightly modified 360 engine with long headers, manifold, crankshaft, piston heads, an Edelbrock 4 throat carb, sparkplugs and cables. Thanks For Watching! Music by The Album Leaf, "Red Eye". All the Rights of the song owned by The Album Leaf.

Author: Zephyr Rod
Rating: 5
Views: 2,803,116
Uploaded: June 12th, 2007 @ 6:48 am
Duration: 04:16

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Latest Comments:

Also watchin this vid after some long years..hows the car?
watching this video after 3yrs ,found it in my favorite list..........
Unreal. Wish I was doing this when I was your age.
dude how old were you in this video? if under 20 you are a legend
you are lucky,that's an amazing car D
nice bro respect i hope you made a trip now with your green babe :D
It's great when someone brings one of these old monsters back to life...
423 Peoples have a Fiat 500!!!!!!
nice vid, love how you revived that car
i smell bacon brb
I had a 70 cuda but i sold it, and i regret it ever since.
its nice seeing someone bringing back a car to life nice job guys
my dreams have come true another muscle car back on the road

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